The Figures


The figures



Years in business

About 70 years of commitment to energy, from gas to electricity to heat.

€ 150 million

Annual turnover

Over 150 million euros of annual turnover in the various sectors, with over 300 million cubic metres of gas transported and supplied, more than 250 million cubic metres of gas sold and 120 million kWh/a supplied to over 150,000 end customers.



More than 230 professionally qualified employees who keep abreast with the latest developments.


Always active

24/7 always active with its work teams to ensure efficient gas, electricity and heat distribution systems.


Towns and cities

Over 150 towns and cities have entrusted us with their public gas distribution or street lighting or heating services totalling over 150,000 gas outlet points, 2500 km of network and 120,000 light points lighting about 3,000 km of roads. E-distribution has enabled us to create and maintain our own medium and low voltage energy distribution systems.



Over 25 facilities in the regions of Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto to be ever closer to our customers.

€ 12 million

Invested each year

About 12 million euros invested every year to ensure safety, continuity and reliability of the managed systems.